What Is It

A 6 step approach to landing the job.

6 Steps to Land the Job - Essentials of Job Search Success is a 6 step approach to landing the job. It is written in first person narrative and is based on extensive research and personal experience of the author. Mary Stern has thirty years of experience in human resources.

The 6 Steps

  • This is Your Story - Writing an Effective Resume
  • Let the Fun Begin - Networking Successfully
  • Help Wanted, Apply Here - Identifying and Using Resources
  • Everyone Has to Overcome Something - Facing and Conquering Obstacles
  • It's Show Time
    - The Interview
  • What's In it for You? - Negotiating the Offer

About the Author

Mary Stern.

The job search process is an area where I have a depth of knowledge and experience, and I truly hope this book can help people in their quest for their next position. Remember, the statement “if you can read about it, you can do it” applies to job search, too. Read more...


What readers are saying about Essentials of Job Search Success

"It makes no sense (and is no fun) to play such a high-stakes game without knowing the rules! Essentials of Job Search will teach you the “hows” and, even more important, the “whys” of the career search game. Knowing the answers to these questions will make anyone more competitive in the job market. Finding the right job can be extremely challenging and, at times, disheartening. Mary’s book will help you prepare to make the most of any situation.”
Tom Hall Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Allstate
"As a human resource executive I can tell you firsthand that it is challenging to hire top talent. People may have good credentials but don’t interview well. They may interview well but don’t have the right skills or long-term trajectory needed by the company. This book is also a healthy reminder to those behind the “hiring” desk just how hard a job search can be. The next time you’re busy and don’t want to accept the networking calls, this is a good reminder to reach out and help those that are in search. A job search is really a simple process, though it’s understood by very few. This book is written in a very logical format to help people through the entire process. It is easy to read and understand. It’s not a textbook full of graphs, charts, and theories but a practical guide. I hope you can learn from this book and land the job of your dreams.”
Karen May Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Mondelēz International
"In the job search, the devil is in the details, and in Essentials of Job Search, Mary Stern provides those details: pragmatic advice you can apply immediately, stories that will change the way you look at the job search process.”
Susan Z. Finerty author of Master the Matrix: 7 Essentials of Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations

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